When people ask what type of work I do, I tell them I am a storyteller.

I strive to animate a moment in people's lives to allow the viewer to connect with the subject. This collection demonstrates the diversity of my work – from my documentary photojournalism work; to my portrait work.

Bridget Caswell, née Commisso, has worked as a photographer in Northeast Ohio for 20 years. She is a photographer at NASA Glenn Research Center in Brookpark, Ohio. She has worked for newspapers in Northeast Ohio such as the Morning Journal, the News Herald and the Medina Gazette. She has also worked for American Greetings as a photographer. She runs a successful freelance business, with clients such as NPR, The Associated Press and Cleveland Magazine. She was the house photographer for the Cleveland Botanical Gardens where she contributed photography to a book on the Gardens. Her work has appeared in the New York Times and the London Daily Telegraph in England. Caswell also exhibits her photographic work. She has also received mulitple grants to teach photography to children. Passing on the passion and curiosity for photography and storytelling is something she finds as important as the photographic work she does. She received her bachelor's degree in Photojournalism at Kent State University.

Please feel free to contact me by leaving a question below or by phone at 330-606-6800. 

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